US To Israel: If You Strike Back At Iran, You Will Fight Alone

“US Conveys Hands-off Approach to Israel’s Potential Retaliation Against Iran’s Attacks”

“In a departure from the usual close cooperation, the United States has privately communicated to Israel that it would not directly participate in any military retaliation against Iran. ABC News reports that amid escalating tensions following Iran’s recent attacks, the Biden administration made it clear to Israeli officials that if Israel chooses to respond militarily, it would do so independently.

This unprecedented message signifies a significant shift in the traditionally strong alliance between the two nations, with Israel historically receiving substantial military aid from the US. However, recent unilateral actions by Israel, particularly in Gaza, have strained relations, prompting the Biden administration to distance itself from potential offensive operations against Iran.

“We believe Israel has the freedom to protect and defend itself,” emphasized a senior US administration official, reiterating longstanding policy. When pressed on whether the US would assist in offensive military actions, the official unequivocally stated that it would not be involved.

This stance was reiterated in a private phone call between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, where Austin reportedly emphasized US support for Israel’s defense but clarified the US’s reluctance to engage in any counteroffensive on Israel’s behalf.

Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend, initially believed to involve only a few ballistic missiles, took world leaders by surprise, including US officials. The revelation that over 100 missiles were being prepared for launch heightened concerns. The attack was purportedly in retaliation for an earlier strike on what Iran claimed to be its consulate in Damascus, Syria.

Despite Israeli air defenses failing to intercept all incoming missiles, damage was inflicted on two Iranian air bases. Five ballistic missiles struck the Nevatim Air Base, damaging a C-130 transport aircraft, while four more hit the Negev Air Base, although no significant damage was reported.”

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