As part of his ongoing operational tour within the North East theater of operations, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), arrived in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state, on the 2nd of September 2023. During his visit, he engaged in a series of important activities aimed at assessing the security situation in the region and boosting the morale of the troops actively involved in “Operation Desert Sanity.”

Upon his arrival in Damaturu, COAS Lagbaja was welcomed by Maj Gen Lander Saraso, the Commander of Sector 2. He received a comprehensive briefing from Gen Saraso, highlighting the prevailing security challenges in Yobe state and providing insights into the ongoing clearance operations aimed at liberating the Timbuktu Triangle from the clutches of insurgents. This operation, codenamed “Operation Desert Sanity,” has been instrumental in dismantling a notorious stronghold that previously served as a sanctuary for ISWAP/Boko Haram insurgents.

COAS Lagbaja’s visit also included a stop at the Nigerian Army Special Forces School, where he received a detailed update from Brigadier General Wara Bello Idris, the Commandant. This institution plays a crucial role in training elite forces who are at the forefront of counter-terrorism efforts.

In a passionate address to the officers and soldiers of Sector 2, COAS Lagbaja praised their unwavering dedication to the nation and commended the remarkable successes achieved during the ongoing operations. He emphasized that their collective efforts had demystified and deconstructed the notorious Timbuktu Triangle, which had long been a symbol of insurgent dominance in the region. General Lagbaja assured the troops that the challenges they were currently facing in the sector would receive immediate and thorough attention.

Furthermore, COAS Lagbaja encouraged the troops to openly communicate their concerns through the appropriate channels, assuring them that their voices would be heard and their needs met. He stressed the importance of maintaining discipline and unwavering focus on their mission while avoiding distractions.

During his visit, COAS Lagbaja also took the time to visit officers and soldiers who had been wounded in action and were undergoing medical treatment at the Level II Field Hospital in Damaturu. He extended his prayers for their speedy recovery and offered reassurances that the Army Headquarters was fully committed to providing them with the necessary medical attention, including the possibility of medical evacuation for overseas treatment.

Wrapping up his visit, COAS Lagbaja embarked on an inspection and assessment of the new Army Barracks currently under construction in Damaturu, underlining the military’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure to support its personnel in their vital missions.

This comprehensive update was provided by Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, on the 2nd of September 2023, reflecting the significant efforts and developments within the North East theater of operations.

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