#BBNaija: “When I die, my body must not be buried; my family must eat my corpse” – Phyna writes cryptic post

Phyna, the winner of the 2022 BBNaija Level Up reality show, has sparked controversy with her recent statement about what should be done with her body after her death. This declaration followed a post by Vanguard correspondent, Ben Njoku, where Phyna’s father claimed she disappeared after winning the show’s grand prize.

In response, Phyna shared messages from Ben Njoku and expressed her intention to sue Vanguard for causing her distress. Subsequently, she made a shocking statement on her social media, stating, “When I die, I must not be buried. My body should be given to my family, and the whole world must sit and watch them eat me. They must eat my corpse.”

Phyna’s statement elicited various reactions from the public. Some individuals criticized her for airing family issues online and urged her to handle the matter privately. Others empathized with her, suggesting that her family might be exploiting her financially, leading to her extreme reaction.

One commenter pointed out the pressure Phyna might be under due to financial responsibilities toward her family, while another speculated that her family might be attempting to burden her with bills. Several people expressed understanding for her frustration, citing instances where her family publicly celebrated her financial contributions.

The situation highlighted the complexities of family dynamics, financial pressures, and the emotional toll fame can take on individuals, leading to a public debate on personal boundaries and family responsibilities.

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