Hardship: No Nigerian workers can survive on less than N100,000 wage – Reps

BREAKING NEWS: House of Representatives Initiates Action on Living Wage for Nigerian Workers

In response to the prevailing economic hardships faced by Nigerian workers, the House of Representatives has taken decisive steps by establishing an ad-hoc committee to examine the feasibility of implementing living wages that align with the current economic conditions.

The motion, jointly sponsored by 40 members of the House, was unanimously adopted, prompting the formation of the committee.

Aliyu Sani Madaki (NNPP, Kano), representing the sponsors, highlighted the profound impact of soaring inflation rates on the ability of average Nigerians to afford basic necessities such as food, shelter, education, healthcare, and transportation.

Madaki underscored Nigeria’s commitment to upholding human rights standards, particularly the right to just and favorable remuneration as enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Drawing attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Madaki emphasized the imperative of paying a living wage to achieve eight out of the 17 SDGs by the 2030 deadline.

Despite previous palliative measures by the government, such as the removal of fuel subsidy in May 2023, Madaki lamented that the cost of living continues to escalate, eroding the purchasing power of citizens.

Citing data from Trade Economics and the World Bank, Madaki stressed that the current living wage for Nigerian workers falls significantly short of meeting their basic needs, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention to address the burgeoning poverty levels.

The motion, which garnered unanimous support, will now be transmitted to the Senate for concurrence, signaling a significant step forward in addressing the plight of Nigerian workers amidst economic challenges.

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