Don’t pay to repair faulty transformers, Jos DisCo tells customers

Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) Warns Customers Against Paying for Transformer Repairs

The Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) has issued a stern warning to its customers in Gombe State, advising them not to pay any individual or group for the repair of faulty electricity transformers in their communities.

Musa Abdullahi, the Chief Security Officer of JED, emphasized to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Gombe that it is not the responsibility of customers to undertake or fund the repair of faulty transformers.

Abdullahi stressed that customers should promptly report any faulty transformers to the nearest JED office rather than succumb to demands for payment from any of its officials. He deemed instances where communities were asked to contribute funds for transformer repairs as fraudulent and unacceptable.

The JED official urged communities to report any staff member making such unlawful demands for appropriate disciplinary measures. He reiterated that JED does not solicit or accept money from communities for transformer repairs and cautioned against such fraudulent activities.

Abdullahi also encouraged communities to support JED’s efforts to safeguard power installations in the state. Furthermore, he implored residents not to engage in assaulting JED officials on duty, emphasizing that such actions constitute criminal offenses.

In conclusion, Abdullahi assured customers that any staff member found soliciting funds for transformer repairs would face consequences, urging affected individuals to escalate the matter to the regional manager for swift resolution.

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