The Nigerian Army (NA) has expressed its admiration for the National Defence College (NDC) for its innovative and reform efforts in providing strategic leadership training. The NDC’s course packages and exercises have been instrumental in producing well-trained leaders not only for the Armed Forces but also for Ministries, Departments, and allied nations worldwide.

During a meeting with the Commandant of NDC, Rear Admiral Olumiyiwa Morakinyo Olotu, and his entourage at the Army Headquarters in Abuja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, praised the college as a reliable citadel of learning. He acknowledged that through the NDC’s research efforts, the Nigerian Army has been able to carry out important reforms and interventions, resulting in improved operational efficiency and administrative tasks.

General Lagbaja highlighted that the NDC has played a crucial role in producing well-trained senior officers who are now occupying strategic positions across various NA formations and delivering outstanding performances. He assured the college of the Nigerian Army’s continuous reliance on it for the training and education of strategic leadership cadre.

The COAS further expressed appreciation for the existing partnership and relationship between the NDC and the Nigerian Army. He pledged to continue supporting the college in its mission to contribute to the nation’s development, peace, and stability.

In his response, Rear Admiral Olumiyiwa Morakinyo Olotu, the Commandant of NDC, congratulated the COAS and recognized the NDC as the highest military institution in Nigeria, offering strategic level training to officers of the Armed Forces, senior civilians of ministries, officers of para-military institutions, and foreign officers from allied countries.

The Commandant emphasized the college’s efforts in training and preparing senior officers for strategic and international roles. He expressed gratitude to the COAS for his ongoing support and for securing critical facilities for the college.

Overall, the meeting showcased the strong partnership between the NDC and the Nigerian Army, with both institutions committed to enhancing the training and development of strategic leadership for the nation’s benefit.

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