Prices of garri, rice record over 50% increase in Enugu

The price of essential food items such as cassava flakes (garri) and rice has surged by more than 50 percent in Enugu metropolis, according to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

A market survey conducted by NAN’s correspondent in Enugu revealed the significant increase in prices of garri and rice in the area. For instance, the price of a cup of garri, which was previously N120 in January, has risen to N150, while a 5-litre container now sells for between N2,200 and N2,700. Similarly, the cost of a bag of garri has skyrocketed to N29,000 from N18,500 in January.

In addition, at Garki Market in Enugu, the price of a 50-kilogram bag of foreign rice has surged from between N55,000 and N60,000 to between N78,000 and N80,000, depending on the brand.

Market sellers expressed concerns over the high prices, attributing the situation to factors such as insufficient farmlands, exportation of produce, and government’s response to food insecurity. Mrs. Bridget Ugwu, a garri seller, highlighted the need for measures to secure farmlands and halt exportation of the commodity to address the scarcity and high cost.

Mr. Ochuba Ozor, a rice seller, emphasized the urgency for government intervention to tackle food insecurity, warning that the persisting high prices could exacerbate the situation.

Meanwhile, a buyer who preferred anonymity linked the high cost of living in the country to the removal of subsidies on petroleum products, which has cascaded into increased prices across various sectors.

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