It Is Disheartening That Ukraine Now Donates Food To Nigeria – Obi

“Peter Obi Criticizes Nigeria’s Reliance on Foreign Aid Amidst Economic Hardship”

Former Anambra State Governor and Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has voiced his concern over Nigeria’s acceptance of emergency food assistance from Ukraine amidst rising food prices and economic challenges. In a statement shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Obi expressed appreciation for Ukraine’s generosity but underscored the embarrassment of relying on foreign aid for basic sustenance.

Obi emphasized that while Ukraine’s donation is commendable, it highlights the failure of Nigerian leadership to adequately provide for its citizens. He lamented the irony of Nigeria, once an economically self-sufficient nation with abundant resources, now depending on a war-torn country for food aid.

The former governor stressed the importance of effective political leadership in driving national development and improving living standards. He urged urgent reflection and a reordering of national priorities, emphasizing the need to invest in sectors like agriculture to reduce dependency on foreign aid.

Obi pointed out the stark contrast between Ukraine’s agricultural productivity despite being at war and Nigeria’s vast uncultivated arable land. He called for concerted efforts to address insecurity, support farmers, and promote small businesses to revitalize the economy.

In conclusion, Obi outlined a vision for a productive and self-reliant Nigeria achievable within four to five years through strategic investments and effective governance.

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