Man Breaks Up With Fiancée, Calls Off Wedding after Sister-In-Law Shaves His Beard While Asleep

    An angry man took to social media to lament about being assaulted by his wife-to-be and his sister-in-law. The man claimed his sister-in-law and his fiancee forced him to shave his beard of eight years before the wedding date, but he refused. The bride’s sister pounced on him when he was asleep and shaved part of his beard, forcing the man to cancel his wedding. A 28-year-old man has narrated what he went through at the hands of his fiancee and her sister.

    Would you stay in a toxic relationship?
    The man claimed he and his fiancee, 25, had been together for six years and engaged for one year and were set to walk down the aisle soon, but the unthinkable happened.

    He accused his 32-year-old sister-in-law of being hostile towards him and narrated how she shaved his beard while he was asleep.

    The man said he had kept his beard for eight years, and when his fiance asked him to shave it, he refused, and they ended up fighting that night.

    “I ended up sleeping on the couch and woke up at around 4 am to my sister-in-law with a razor trying to shave my beard.

    I pushed her off me. My girlfriend then ran to check on her sister whilst I was looking at the big patch she had taken out of my beard; then I went upstairs and packed a bag whilst my fiancee shouted at me for hurting the sister.

    I told her to f-off and that the wedding was off and walked out the house and drove an hour to my parents’ house where I’ve been staying since the incident,” he explained.

    “My family think I should break off the relationship, but her family said I should just shave my beard and move on. The wedding venue fee can’t be refunded, but it was going to be paid by her parents anyways, so I don’t care. I have also contacted my lawyers.” he added.
    The man asked netizens on for advice on what to do, and below are reactions:

    Disastrous-Oven-4465 said:

    “Your family is right. Sounds as if the two ladies are a package deal. Your fiancee sounds very immature.
    Most-Potato1038 said:

    “Oh no, get out. This is not okay and abusive.”
    Y4himIE4me said:

    “Her family thinks you just need to get over it? You deserve better. These people are nuts.”
    Jerichothered said:

    “Call the cops and press charges. Dump her and get restraining orders on both of them.”
    Full-Arugula-2548 said:

    “These are all valid reasons to end the relationship. Your fiancee sounds really immature and has horrible boundaries when it comes to her sister and your relationship. I would not stick around in this toxic mess.”
    Forsaken_Age_9185 said:

    “Break up with her . She and her entire family are toxic. Should have done it when she betrayed your trust. Stop being an idiot and listen to your family.”
    Global-Present-2177 said:

    “She cut your beard? That is assault. Call the police!”
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    One of the reasons he listed was that he wasn’t well prepared to get married to any woman yet.

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