IGP warns police operatives against extortion, harassment on highways

The Acting Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, issued a stern warning in Abuja, emphasizing that severe sanctions would be imposed on police officers involved in extortion and harassment, particularly on interstate highways.

Egbetokun acknowledged that there have been reports and complaints about incidents of extortion, intimidation, and harassment of commuters on highways. The police leadership is committed to addressing these issues promptly and decisively.

To tackle this problem, the police leadership has instructed supervising officers to exercise stringent supervision over their subordinates while in the field. This is intended to curb and eliminate unprofessional conduct among erring officers.

The monitoring unit and other disciplinary units have been directed to intensify their efforts to identify and apprehend officers engaged in misconduct. Those found guilty of extortion or harassment will face severe disciplinary measures to discourage future occurrences. Additionally, supervisory officers who fail in their duty of oversight will also be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Egbetokun stressed the importance of supervisory officers taking proactive measures to prevent misconduct and promptly rectifying any such behavior.

This warning from the Acting Inspector-General of Police comes in response to a series of complaints about unprofessional conduct by certain police personnel, which has been addressed by the National Assembly. Egbetokun expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of a small number of officers on highways, as it has repeatedly harmed the reputation of the police force.

He highlighted the importance of comprehensive training and retraining programs for police personnel, with a focus on promoting a culture of civility and professionalism to bring about behavioral and attitudinal improvements among officers.

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