My wife connives with her mother to milk me dry, banker tells court

A bank employee named Biliameen Oyesola has approached the Mapo Grade A Customary Court in Ibadan seeking the dissolution of his six-year-old marriage to his estranged wife, Rofiat. Oyesola cited the constant inflation of commodities purchased for their household as the grounds for seeking the divorce.

According to Oyesola, his wife regularly inflated the prices of household items she bought for the family, in collaboration with her mother. This resulted in financial hardship for him as he had to bear the inflated costs. He also mentioned an incident where his wife and her mother inflated the price of post-natal drugs prescribed for her after giving birth to their last child. Oyesola asked for receipts of the purchases, but they were unable to provide them.

Despite interventions from various people, including their Imam, Rofiat continued to abandon their home and go to her mother’s place, as if attempting to punish Oyesola by leaving him frequently. He further claimed that Rofiat and her mother were preventing him from marrying another wife while not allowing him to enjoy his current marriage.

Oyesola requested custody of their two children from the marriage.

During the court hearing, Rofiat was absent, even though she was served by the court bailiff. The Court President, Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, adjourned the matter to August 10 to allow Rofiat to present her defense. The bailiff was ordered to ensure proper service of the hearing notice to Rofiat.

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