Stray leopard injures 3 persons

A leopard ventured into a residential area in Delhi on Monday morning, where it attacked three individuals before being apprehended by local authorities with the assistance of residents.

The injured individuals were promptly taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

According to a Delhi government official, the wild animal entered a house located in Jagatpur village, situated in North Delhi’s Wazirabad area, prompting locals to seek help from the police and other government authorities.

Prior to the arrival of police and fire brigade personnel, the leopard had already injured three men inside the house.

Residents managed to confine the leopard within a room until local authorities arrived and safely captured it. Subsequently, the animal was released into a nearby forest area.

Jagatpur village is adjacent to the Wazirabad Biodiversity Park.

In a similar incident in 2016, an adult leopard had strayed into the village, prompting sightings reported by several residents. Forest department officials captured the leopard and transferred it to the Rajaji National Park in the northern hilly state of Uttarakhand, according to a media report.

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