Judgments: Call appeal court justices to order, group urges President Tinubu

    The Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors Association (ACIPA) has expressed concern about what it sees as controversial judgments delivered by the Court of Appeal in recent nationwide elections. In a statement on Sunday in Jos, the group’s chairman, Rev. Luke Shehu, specifically criticized judgments that resulted in the removal of some members of the national assembly from Plateau, labeling them a “miscarriage of justice” and a “national disgrace.”

    ACIPA is calling on President Bola Tinubu to intervene and address the situation by urging the Judges of the Court of Appeal to exercise restraint. They underscore the significance of the judiciary as the last resort for the common man and stress the need to restore public confidence in both the judiciary and democracy.

    Rev. Luke Shehu also points out that the international community is closely monitoring these judicial pronouncements, expressing concern that certain decisions may be perceived as undermining the principles of justice and democracy. The group asserts that millions of votes should not be invalidated based on legal technicalities or semantics.

    Alongside the call to President Tinubu, the statement implores the National Judicial Council (NJC) to review recent appeal court judgments related to Plateau elections to ensure a just outcome. The chairman further encourages the residents of Plateau to unite, setting aside religious and ethnic differences for the overall growth and development of the state. Lastly, religious leaders are advised to concentrate on instilling good morals in society rather than becoming involved in politics under the guise of spirituality.

    In summary, ACIPA is advocating for judicial accountability, fairness, and the preservation of democratic principles in response to what they perceive as problematic court decisions.

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