Leaked chats reveal Iyabo Ojo’s conversation with Mohbad’s father

The Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has stepped forward in a touching gesture to ensure the late Nigerian rapper, Mohbad, receives a befitting burial. In a heartfelt conversation with Mohbad’s grieving father, she sought and received approval for this noble endeavor.

Following the unfortunate passing of the young artist, Mohbad’s body is currently at the morgue, where an autopsy was conducted by the Nigerian Police. In light of this, fans and well-wishers will soon have the opportunity to pay their last respects.

Iyabo Ojo, deeply moved by the circumstances, took it upon herself to ensure Mohbad’s burial is a fitting tribute to his memory. She revealed her conversation with the late artist’s father, who granted his approval for this endeavor.

The preparations for this befitting burial have already commenced, with Iyabo Ojo taking the initiative to connect with the owner of Ebony Vault. The goal is to create a meaningful and respectful farewell for the talented artist, one that truly honors his life and contributions to the Nigerian music scene.

This heartfelt effort by Iyabo Ojo demonstrates the power of compassion and community support, especially during times of grief and loss. It highlights the importance of coming together to pay tribute to those who have left us, ensuring their memory lives on in a dignified manner.

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