Alleged secret meeting with bandits: Nigerian govt tackles Zamfara govt

    The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has criticized Zamfara State Governor, Dr. Dauda Lawal, for suggesting that the Federal Government was holding secret meetings with bandits in the state. In a statement issued by the Deputy Director of Press in the Ministry, Suleiman Haruna, the minister expressed disappointment in the governor’s decision to politicize a sensitive security matter for personal gain.

    The statement emphasized that the Federal Government institutions have the legal authority to take prompt action, with or without external prompting, to ensure the safe return of citizens who have been illegally taken hostage, such as the abducted students of the Federal University Gusau.

    The minister clarified that while the details of such operations are not disclosed for security reasons, it does not make them secretive, as the Zamfara State Government described them. He also stated that no official from the Federal Government is engaged in negotiations with any bandit or group of bandits.

    The government remains committed to exploring every available avenue to de-escalate tensions and restore peace to communities affected by banditry. If communities choose to initiate dialogue as a people-driven initiative to address unrest, the Federal Government will not hastily condemn such efforts.

    The minister assured Nigerians that the Federal Government and its institutions are diligently working to address the current security challenges and put an end to banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminality.

    He also emphasized that political differences or personal disputes should not be brought into matters of national security, as it can demoralize the security forces and disrupt government efforts. The minister encouraged all stakeholders to work together with the government to find lasting solutions to the country’s security problems.

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