“He swore to be rich by all means” – Wife accuses husband of stealing her underwear

    A Nigerian woman has come forward with a distressing revelation about her husband’s involvement in occult practices. She claims that her husband, whom she accuses of being a professional in ‘juju’ or black magic, has stolen two of her underwear for ritual purposes.

    In a public appeal, the woman expressed her deep concern and warned her husband that she is aware of his actions. She stated that her husband, named Taofeek, has repeatedly engaged in occult practices to amass wealth. She described him as a habitual practitioner of black magic and accused him of stealing her underwear on two separate occasions.

    The woman went on to explain that her husband recently attended an Islamic program but returned with a mysterious item called “white beans pudding” (Ekuro), indicating his involvement in questionable activities.

    She pleaded with her husband to return her stolen underwear and cautioned him that if he doesn’t comply, she will escalate the matter and make it public knowledge. She mentioned that she has already informed her family and has audio recordings as evidence of her claims.

    This disturbing revelation sheds light on the seriousness with which some individuals pursue wealth through occult means in certain parts of Nigeria. It also underscores the importance of addressing such issues through appropriate legal channels and seeking support from relevant authorities.

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