435 children killed since start of Sudan conflict – UNICEF

According to a statement from the UN children’s agency UNICEF on Monday, the ongoing violence in Sudan has resulted in the death of approximately 435 children and left 2,025 injured over the past three months. The impact of this conflict on children has been described as unfathomable by Ted Chaiban, UNICEF deputy executive director.

The total number of child rights violations reported to UNICEF stands at 2,500, but it is believed that the actual number could be much higher. The situation in Sudan is deeply concerning as it involves a large number of child casualties and injuries, indicating the severity of the conflict’s impact on vulnerable populations.

In Sudan, the conflict involves former vice president Mohammed Hamdan Daglo’s RSF militia, a paramilitary group consisting of tens of thousands of fighters that emerged from Arab militias in the Darfur region. They are fighting against the armed forces led by de facto President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Despite efforts to reach truces and peace agreements, brokered by Saudi Arabia and the United States, the situation on the ground remains volatile, and these agreements have largely failed to hold. As a result, the country is facing a growing humanitarian crisis that is affecting children and civilians significantly.

The situation in Sudan requires urgent attention and a concerted effort from the international community to address the violence and protect the lives of innocent children and civilians caught in the crossfire. Humanitarian assistance and diplomatic efforts are essential to mitigate the impact of the conflict and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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