CDS vows to hunt down terrorists who ambushed Nigerian soldiers in Niger

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa, made a solemn declaration that the military would relentlessly pursue and bring to justice all individuals involved in acts of terrorism, banditry, and threats to the nation’s security.

Gen. Musa made this resolute statement in Abuja during a ceremony to honor and bid farewell to military personnel who recently lost their lives in combat and an air crash in Niger.

He emphasized that the military would not stand idly by while adversaries continued to inflict harm on lives and property within the nation.

Gen. Musa also offered a clear message to terrorists, assuring them that the military would actively pursue them and seek retribution for the loss of its personnel who had valiantly defended the country.

The CDS acknowledged the emotional difficulty of burying military personnel and expressed profound sadness at the prospect of laying his officers and soldiers to rest. Nevertheless, he sought to console the families of the fallen heroes, assuring them that their sacrifices would not go in vain. He conveyed his appreciation for their service, offered prayers in their memory, and pledged to ensure that those responsible for their deaths faced the consequences.

Gen. Musa used the occasion to rally all commanders and troops across Nigeria, urging them to unite in avenging the losses suffered. He made it clear that both the individuals directly responsible for the recent incidents and those who continued to target military personnel would be pursued relentlessly.

He concluded by emphasizing the solemnity of the gathering, where heavy hearts and tearful eyes paid tribute to the fallen heroes who had made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the nation. He praised their courage, dedication, and unwavering commitment to duty, highlighting the extraordinary contributions they had made. Their selflessness and unwavering dedication to duty, he noted, would be remembered forever.

Gen. Christopher Musa extended his assurance to the families of the deceased, emphasizing the military’s unwavering support during their time of mourning.

He recognized the profound sacrifice made by these men and women, emphasizing that their courageous service was instrumental in safeguarding peace and security within the nation. They bravely confronted the forces of evil, ensuring that the values of justice and liberty continued to prevail in the country.

Gen. Musa conveyed his admiration for their unwavering dedication and courage, acknowledging that their legacy would serve as an enduring source of inspiration for all who follow in their footsteps.

To the grieving families, he expressed his deepest condolences, recognizing the indescribable pain and sorrow they must be enduring. He reassured them that they were not alone in their grief.

The CDS made a solemn promise to honor the memories of these fallen heroes by persistently combatting those who sought to disrupt the nation’s peace and security. He reiterated the military’s unwavering commitment to becoming a nation deserving of such sacrifices.

In a stern message directed at bandits, terrorists, and those responsible for violence, Gen. Musa declared that the military would relentlessly pursue them, bring them to justice, and restore peace and security across the entire nation.

The burial ceremony, in accordance with military tradition, saw the interment of 20 bodies of the deceased personnel at the National Military Cemetery, evoking deep emotions and tears.

It’s important to recall that the tragic incident involved an ambush in the Zungeru area that resulted in the loss of three officers and 22 soldiers, with seven others sustaining injuries. Furthermore, a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) helicopter, engaged in a mission to evacuate the fallen and wounded troops, crashed in the Chukuba region of Shiroro Local Government Area on August 13. This helicopter carried 14 bodies of previously deceased soldiers, seven wounded personnel, two pilots, and two crew members.

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