Ali Nuhu blasts Davido for endorsing his signee’s ‘offensive’ video says its totally unacceptable.

In a recent social media post, popular actor Ali Nuhu expressed his disapproval of Davido’s controversial music video for the song ‘Jaye Lo’ by his signee, Logos Olori. The video had stirred controversy as it depicted people praying and dancing in front of a mosque, which was seen as disrespectful and inappropriate.

Ali Nuhu, who is known for his contributions to the Nigerian film industry, took to his Instagram page to voice his concerns. He emphasized the importance of respecting other people’s religion, culture, and traditions, even when trying to be creative in one’s artistic expression.

The actor specifically addressed Davido, urging him to take down the video and issue an apology to the Muslim community for “hurting” their sentiments. Ali Nuhu’s stance is grounded in the belief that the actions depicted in the video are “totally unacceptable in Islam.”

Davido’s video received backlash from the Muslim community due to the portrayal of religious practices in a manner that was perceived as disrespectful and insensitive. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Ali Nuhu’s call for accountability and cultural sensitivity resonated with many, who saw it as an opportunity to promote mutual respect and understanding across different faiths and cultures.

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