Review Fuel Subsidy Removal, Falana Tells Tinubu

Human Rights Lawyer Calls for Review of Fuel Subsidy Removal Policy

Femi Falana (SAN), a prominent human rights lawyer, has urged the President Bola Tinubu-led federal government to reconsider its fuel subsidy removal policy in light of recent claims suggesting that Nigeria still bears the cost of subsidies. Despite Tinubu’s declaration of an end to the subsidy era upon assuming office, both the World Bank and Robert Dickerman, the CEO and Managing Director of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, have alleged that the federal government continues to subsidize fuel.

In response to these claims, Falana issued a statement calling on the government to address the allegations and reassess its policy. “It’s concerning that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited has not refuted the serious accusation of fuel subsidy restoration,” Falana remarked. “Given that there are no provisions for fuel subsidies in the 2023 and 2024 Appropriation Acts, the federal government must promptly confirm or deny these claims and eliminate the ambiguity surrounding fuel imports from foreign nations.”

Falana reminded that despite the Buhari administration’s announcement of subsidy removal, the government reportedly expended N11 trillion on “under-recovery” over an eight-year period. He emphasized that rather than urging Nigerians to endure the hardships resulting from subsidy removal, the Tinubu administration should reconsider its stance. “If the federal government is indeed spending up to N1 trillion monthly on fuel subsidies, it is imperative to review this policy in the best interest of the Nigerian populace,” Falana concluded.

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