Court dissolves 21-year-old marriage over husband’s lack of love for wife

The Center-Igboro Area Court in Ilorin recently made the decision to dissolve a marriage of 21 years between Isiwatu Ibrahim and Mumini Kadri. The reason for the dissolution stemmed from Mr. Kadri’s alleged lack of affection for his wife.

The petitioner, Mr. Ibrahim, initiated the divorce proceedings on February 2, citing the absence of love as the primary reason. The presiding Judge, AbdulQadir Umar, officially dissolved the marriage due to the wife’s insistence and the inability of both families to reconcile their differences. The judgment also included granting custody of the couple’s four children to Isiwatu, the petitioner. Additionally, the judge ordered that Isiwatu observe the three-month Iddah period, as per Islamic customs, before considering remarriage.

During the proceedings, Mr. Ibrahim expressed his willingness and readiness to provide for the well-being and upkeep of the children, regardless of whether the respondent, Mr. Kadri, contributed or not. On the other hand, Mr. Kadri appealed to the court to intervene and salvage their marriage. He explained that his profession as a commercial motorcyclist left him with limited time to care for the children.

Ultimately, the court found in favor of the petitioner and granted the divorce, considering the evident lack of love in the relationship. The custody decision aimed to ensure the welfare of the children under Isiwatu’s care, while adhering to the Islamic practice of the Iddah period for her before considering any future remarriage.

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