Tinubu will bring relief to Nigerians — Reverend Owoyemi

The President and General Overseer of United Apostolic Church of Christ, worldwide, Rev, (Dr) James Bayo Owoyemi , would be in three years of office in November 2023. In this interview, he speaks on his achievements, plans for the church and offers advice to government.

This is what we have been praying for. We believe the new government will bring relieve to the pains of Nigeria. We will continue to pray for the new administration for successful governance. We don’t have any other country, it’s our responsibility to ensure we spiritually nurture our country.

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How do you think the economy of the nation can be improved?

The new government has promised to look into key areas that will positively affect our economy. Such sectors include, energy, power, agriculture, health and education. If the new administration is sincere in its governance, economic improvement is inevitable.

What has been responsible for your success as President and General Overseer of UACC in the past three years?When God is involved in anything, success is inevitable. So, God is the reason for our success. With Him, we have the confidence that we will achieve more.Can you highlight some of your achievements so far?

We have set goals for evangelism in the church and this has been warmly embraced by all members of our church. This has resulted in successful organization of mega crusades in Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti, Lagos, Yewa, Abuja, Ogun/Ijebu, Osun with preparation for such in Kwara and Port Harcourt. Student fellowship of the church has been established, in order to reach the youth more.

We have been able to secure our own property in Abuja for worshipping. We have successfully organized the first women conference in the church. We have been able to settle all past debts of the church. By the Grace of God, financial status of the church has improved.

Under your leadership we perceived there has been a noticeable improvement in the welfare of ministers in the mission. Can you throw more light on this?

The welfare of ministers has been a major focus of our administration. Our objective is that UACC Ministers will be among the best in the contemporary ministries. We are working towards this, with God we will surely get there.

It’s on record that for the first time in the history of this mission, scholarships are being awarded to some students. Can you elucidate on this?

This is to celebrate hard work of the brilliant students and to encourage others that working hard pays. Christianity is known for impacting knowledge, we are building upon this idea. We are also sponsoring education of the fatherless among the children. We love education and we have benefited much from education, as such we desire to extend the good motive to others.

What are your plans to spread UACC in Nigeria and globally?

Our goal of having the church established in all states of the country and abroad is sacrosanct. This is an objective we are still pursuing. To make the plan easy, we are focusing on places where we have members of UACC and where the church has not been established.

By the Grace of God, we have members across the globe. We have been working on this and we have been receiving encouraging acceptance. We have objective of making the church an entrepreneur by having establishments that will be generating funds to the church, and providing employment for our youth.

We have the objective of empowering our youth and women in order to make them financially independent. We will improve on the charity program of the church by reaching out to the less privileged within and outside the church.

What has been the secret of your synergy with the Youths of UACC?

By God’s Grace, I am also a youth like most of them. So, I am much comfortable amidst youth. More so, I have been mingling with them before now. So, it’s like a youth like them is at the helm of affairs of the church. In addition, the youths have been clamoring for the kind of objectives we are unveiling. When there is a clear vision, one will enjoy the support of youth.

Few months ago the First UACC Women Conference was held in Ibadan, what is your assessment of the conference?

The women conference was a huge success. The conference has improved the spiritual lives of our women and many broken homes have been restored. Indeed, all glory to God. The women are now yearning for the next edition coming up in 2024.

How does the church leadership plan to sustain the growth of the mission?

A selfless achievement will surely be sustained. Nonetheless, we will ensure we do not relent in our efforts to ensure the growth is sustained. We will be appraising ourselves from time to time and ensure we employ ideas of the faithful ones.

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