How to easily find hidden cameras in a hotel room using your smart phones

Hidden cameras are a growing problem and are becoming common, few ways to protect your privacy.

Despite the fact that cameras they can be used for legal purposes such as watching your home for theft while you’re away, there have been instances of hosts installing hidden cameras in hotel rooms, which has caused guests to be hesitant about making reservations at such premises.

However, you can easily and quickly find a hidden camera in your hotel room using your smartphone camera. Infrared (IR) blasters let hidden cameras see in the dark, hence they are frequently equipped with them. Since IR light cannot be seen by the human eye, it is difficult to see these cameras in the dark with the naked eye. However, cameras are equipped to identify infrared light and can therefore quickly identify these objects.

  • Switch off all of the room’s lights. All lights, including those coming from the TV, laptop, etc., should be turned off and the curtains drawn. The space must be completely black.
  • If you are suspicious of a place where you think a spy camera could be placed, turn on the camera on your smartphone and position it in that direction. This applies to clocks, vases, bookcases, mirrors, showerheads, and any other item or setting where a camera can be covertly placed.
  • Keep an eye out for any light blips on your phone’s display. The infrared light that hidden cameras emit can be seen by your camera lens as little light flares.
  • If you notice a light on your screen, do a close inspection of the area and look for any hidden cameras.
  • Look carefully around the area and search for any concealed cameras if you see a light on your screen.

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