How to know if you’re suffering from post-election depression, anxiety.

The 2023 elections has come and gone. But it left behind scars which will linger in the memories of people for many years to come.
While the elections took manifold twists and turns, and put people’s emotions to work, not much has been talked about the mental health effect the election had on politically interested Nigerians.

Dr. Emmanuel Abayomi, speaking on ‘Mental Wellness 360’, a Vanguard TV programme, reeled out questions for self-test, to examine how much of a ‘rigging’ the election had to your mental health.

In the four questions rolled out below, you can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to them depending on whether you have experienced them three times in a week within the last two weeks.

  1. Have you had little interest or pleasure in things that you normally love doing?
  2. Have you been feeling sad, depressed, tired or even hopeless?
  3. Have you been feeling anxious, nervous and on the edge?
  4. Have you found out that you have been unable to stop worrying or thinking excessively over the past elections?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least two questions, Dr. Abayomi diagnoses that as evidence that your mental health has been rigged. That is, affected badly by the election
Abayomi, a consultant, says you need to seek help from a mental health practitioner.
Meanwhile, in the second part of this talk, he will look at solutions and specific things you need to do to ‘unrig’ your mental health

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